A visit to the Doctors Part 13.


Hi folks ready for another post?

In the 70s when you visited your doctor and told them you were depressed, they would simply tell you to get a grip and get on with life, everyone is depressed at some stage in their life and what do you want me to do about it??? This negativity put you well off going and trying to get help because attitudes towards mental health were pretty shabby, mental health back then meant someone in an insane asylum, not someone suffering from simple depression.

The doctors were as ignorant as the patients back then, they were ok for general medicine but did not have a clue about mental health.
By the time I reached my early 20s, I was suffering badly and had no help from anyone official, things were pretty grim back then, not like today when Mental health is a little more understood.
For years, I had to just “get on with it” and slowly but surely my mental Health rate deteriorated and got worse with time.

One moment I was happy, buzzing, the next down, suicidal, couldn’t care less and horrible to live with.
It was roughly in 1978 I knew something wasn’t right, I was working I had a job back then, things were going good in that respect but my mood swings were starting to concern me.
There wasn’t a place to turn to unless you went to Hospital and sectioned yourself, otherwise, you just had to live with it.

The climate was pretty laid back, the early eighties were pretty good, drugs started to play a huge roll in where I lived, I knew a few drug users, and they became friends with me, I did try the old weed but that was it, I remember the times it made me feel weird, it made me laugh, but it also made me paranoid, not the greatest of ideas when you are suffering Mental Health issues, even although at the time it wasn’t diagnosed by any professional.



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