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After the Event.


Hey folks, hope you are staying safe, Yesterday was a bit weird, it did not feel like Easter because there were not loads of people floating about in crowds, no one was hanging around, just going about their daily business and trying to enjoy Easter with the family in a private setting, As I walked my dog before going to work, I heard the celebrations coming from back Gardens, people laughing, having fun with the kids whilst still staying safe.

I was working yesterday, as normal, Retail (most of them) do not close for holidays like Easter, in the UK, just Christmas day and even then lots of stores are open. It was rather quiet, there was a steady flow of people coming into the store but very different from the year before when we were tripping over stock of Easter eggs shelves full to the brim, the odd person dashing in to get a late Easter egg because they forgot, none of that this year it was all very relaxed and at the end of my shift there was still some Easter eggs on the shelves, very unusual.

The streets were pretty empty, the parties subdued, however in some parts of the Country people were/are still ignoring the advice of staying safe and staying at home, beeches were packed with people carrying on as normal as if there was not a care in the World, pretty sad when you know a majority of people are obeying the strict rules laid out by the Government and then we have the people who just don’t seem to care?

people ignoring the crowd rule?

These people have no responsibility and I often wonder what it will take for this seriousness to sink in? While many isolate, this is what we have to deal with. Because the Weather is fantastic doesn’t mean you have the right to ignore the advice? If we want to be rid of this horrible Virus we have to comply, or it will haunt us forever?


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  1. Wow. How can people be so oblivious? Apparently gatherings are still happening in some of the U.S. states, because the governors did not want to infringe on their rights. Hmmmm. Sense of direction, please. It almost looks like Sweden’s experiment with their people is having adverse effects, as well. A pandemic is no time to ignore the science. Stay well William. Allan

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