After working in the warehouse Part 16.


I stuck the last job for quite a while and eventually I began to enjoy it, but I wanted to move on as I was getting bored doing the same thing day in day out, I remember being there for a lot of hours as I waited on a guy who used to give me a lift home, a kind quiet guy who took me home each night as he lived nearby, come to think of it now, I don’t think I ever thanked him for his kindness.

In the late 70s in Scotland in fact the UK, a scheme called “youth opportunities” was an idea by the Government to get young people off the streets by giving them a full-time job for a pittance of a wage.
I was put on that scheme and worked in a Hospital pharmacy taking in orders and making up orders for the Hospital wards and outpatients.
The guy I worked for was called Fred, an older man in his late 50s he was a kind man, and we got along very well. I learned a lot from him and began to trust people because of him. All the staff in the pharmacy were kind, they always had time for me and even made my salary up to a decent wage because they knew I was working hard.

I spent nearly a year in that job and enjoyed every moment there, however it was only for 6 months but I got an extension which made it a Year in total.
I was happy there but wanted to make more money and even if I had stayed there I would not have been able to live on 19 pounds a week.
I applied for a Job Portering in the same Hospital, I got good references and was interviewed by the Head Porter and the time, his name was Charlie, and his assistant was Ian.

More next time.

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