An Apple a day.

Hello friends, first off a huge THANK YOU to all of you who visit this blog, please be assured your always welcome, and I am honoured you spend some of your precious time here.

I am sure either you or some member of your family or friends have an Apple product, they are by far the better option when it comes to mobile technology or tablets or laptops and PC’S, however, it saddens me when I buy an Apple product and through time the updates cease because they deem the appliance to be too old for new updates.

To me, this has to be a ploy, to get you to continue to buy updated technology even though you have a perfectly well-built piece of machinery that has not let you down, so why should you have to buy newer models just to get an update.
I was foolish enough to buy an iPod that was 4rth generation, I never realized it would not get updates because of its age so it is stuck on iOS 6.
I am sure you all agree that this is pretty sad, Apple should look after their customers a bit more and keep updated on every machine forever.




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