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And then He was Gone!

Looking behind me, there’s an empty space.
 Looking before me, I see no joy.
 My yesterday was filled with so much laughter,
 My tomorrow is shadowed by so much sorrow,
 There is no need to keep this space alight,
 For my joy has said its final farewell today.
The light that shone right through my heart,
 The heart that used to beat together with mine,
 The smile that broke my walls of pain,
 And tenderly took my heart for keeps.
 The love that touched my soul within,
 The strength that gave me half with love,
 The man I loved with all my heart,
 The love that shone each night and each day,
 I love him, though I waited too long to wake up.
 When I try to take a step forward,
 The love I have for him won’t let me go.
 When I try to spread my wings and fly,
 The wind beneath me won’t keep me up.
 I need my love, my partner, my friend,
 I need my smile, my joy, my laughter.
 I need him to come and take me in him,
 I love this man, a thousand (times) than I did before.
 He gave me his heart. I threw it back at him,
 He took my hand in his. I drew it back into my chest.
 He made me part of his future, but still I tore him down,
 He gave me all his love, but I took it, looked at it and handed it back.
 How could I be so blind, not seeing the good man I had?
 How could I let him go, he is the best I ever had?
 How could I be so cruel, breaking the purest of hearts?
 How could I hurt myself, by hurting the one I love most.
 Looking for the right words to say to him.
 I find non within my heart.
 Wanting to make him understand,
 But again my words fail me.
 I need my heart back, I need my friend back.
 Tonight I will close my eyes and pray,
 Pray for a chance to try one last time,
 Pray for a chance to do it right
 And be the woman this man deserves.
 I truly love this man; my heart will always be his….!!!!
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