Don't force me to eat I feel too fat 
throw it in the bin and that is that
who says I am thin? I eat a lot
please leave me alone I thought you forgot.
you always hound me and make me feel sad
Whats wrong with dieting? its not a fad
My body is like this because of stress
I want to lose weight to get that dress.
Doctors say I might not survive
I am lucky to be here, still alive
I weigh 50 pounds my proper weight
don't try forcing me I know its too late.
I feel alone I hate myself
too bad if I have lost good health
unable to sleep, tummy roars
body aching and riddled with sores.
It is my life if I dont want to eat
dont tempt me with any tasty treat
I cannot imagine getting to old age
hospitalised in a lonely cage.
Pounds dropping off I feel more ill
unable to swallow not even a pill
no one understands how I feel
this isnt for fun this is for real.
I have always felt very fat
but I was ignored because of that
everything I wear feels tight on me
look at my body, so you can see.
If I had my life to live over again
I would feel the same just now as I did then
It isnt easy having this disease
so let me alone to suffer please.
Too late now theres no hope for me
liver failing and can hardly see
they try to feed me through my nose
time is slipping everyone knows.
Sixteen years old a waste of life
never had the chance to be a wife
tortured by an illness growing in my mind
I know you are trying, I know you are kind.
Last breath taken its time to release
begging for hope dying in peace
Please get help if you have this disease
talk with someone ,dont suffer please.

Anorexia Nervosa or Bullemia
Kills millions. Please get help or advice
if you suffer or know someone who suffers
from this horrible disease.

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