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Hi friends. Sometimes you come across a winning blog and like so many blogs I follow, this one is up there with the best. If you like Movies (as I do) then this blog gives you in-depth information about upcoming movies, thanks to this Blog and the owner I have watched some amazing movies, so I think it deserves a shout out.


We watch a lot of movies: some we like, most we don’t.  The only thing we like more than watching movies is arguing about them.

Matt is a cinephile. He loves movies, watches them obsessively, and knows what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s a familiar face at TIFF and an extraordinary organizer of Oscar pools and parties (he’s just not all that great at winning them – maybe next year, Matt!).

Jay is the most opinionated person on the planet and loves to disseminate her thoughts loudly and proudly. She loves thinker movies and hopes to have lots of rowdy discussions with complete strangers. She loves Bill Murray and Audrey Hepburn and can’t make it through a movie without having to pee.

Sean loves movies with naked boobs and big explosions. He brings down the curve but the other Assholes tolerate him because he usually brings the beer.

There is no need to give you a sample of their work here, just visit the blog..

Please show some support, visit assholes watching movies here. and enjoy the many movies they write about.

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