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At Journeys end. Anonymous.

The temple has fallen to dust and decay;
The spirit departed, and flown away.
As the waves are silent along the shore,
Your voice is still forevermore.

The wondrous beauty of the sky and tree
In the morning glow, no more will you see.
No more to hear the bird on the wing,
Or with rapture listen to all nature sing.

To smell the rose that perfumes the air
Will never more be yours to share.
The sun has set low in the west,
And now you sleep in eternal rest.

The heart is still within the breast,
No more to love the ones held best.
No, never again will you feel the grip
Of a Master Mason in good fellowship.

This mortal coil you have set aside
For the Celestial Lodge where you now abide.
Your destiny now has been fulfilled,
And you are Home as God has willed.

But still you live in the heart and mind
Of the brethren here that you left behind.
So, rest you well, your labor is o’er,
And we’ll meet again on that distant shore.

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