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Begum may be allowed to appeal in the UK.

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Well well, it seems that this episode is not over, despite the fact she has been told, that she will NOT be allowed in the UK, as a British citizen, she has lawyers who are protesting the fact and want her here to discuss her case?

  1. where is all the money coming from to represent her? obviously as per usual British tax payers.
  2. why is this even allowed to go to appeal when she is CLEARLY a terrorist and a danger to British life?
  3. Does this mean that every terrorist around the world can appeal to come back to the UK even when they have committed henious crimes against us?

The World is in a bad enough state and now this, Its all very well for the big wigs in high positions to wave the fairness flag, but what about the fairness of families who have lost loved ones to terrorist killings? what right of appeal do they have?

All I can say if this woman is allowed back into this Country then I give up, because it is laughable as well as dangerous.

How much money will it cost to keep her under high security if she is allowed to come here and appeal .?


The British people will and quite rightly be up in arms if this happens, especially the families who have lost loved ones to terrorist acts that she “agreed with” when she decided to piss off with her mates to Syria.

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2 thoughts on “Begum may be allowed to appeal in the UK.

    1. basically mate, she left with 2 of her pals to join isis from the UK, Isis got screwed and now she wants to come back to the UK, no way thats ever going to happen, if you go to bbc.co.uk/news you will be able to read the full story, keep safe mate.

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