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Being in Isolation with Mental Health.


Hey folks.

The situation is not getting any better, there are talks that the UK will be in lockdown sooner rather than later so be prepared, people are saying the Army is moving in, to prepare, so it shows how serious this epidemic is.

Twitter is going crazy blaming the Chinese as if the deliberately gave us this virus? I am sure if that was the case they would not give their own people the virus, or would they?

As well as the Elderly being isolated with no one to help them I am also concerned for the disabled and people who suffer from Mental Health, This adds to the anxiety because you cannot go to work, there will be a financial strain and worry, you cannot mix with people, appointments are being cancelled in the thousands, so what help will they be getting?

Can you all make sure if you have a relative who is disabled or suffering from Mental Health issues, make sure they are well looked after because leaving them alone will do more harm than good?

I also hope that my friends on WordPress are safe and are looking after their families, as we all have to stick together to fight this awful disease that is crippling Countries Worldwide.

One good thing about being isolated (if you are healthy) is you can catch up on the many wonderful blogs Worldwide that are worth reading and trust me there are millions.

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