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Being there for each other.


In these uncertain times, being on lockdown, it’s really comforting to know we still have the World at our fingertips, we can still communicate with friends and family, and we can still use the web for educational purposes to make sure our kids keep fresh, and to skype our family who we cannot see just now.

It is also comforting to know we have friends Worldwide who are in the same boat as us, trying daily to fill the monotony, trying daily to make our days be special and to take this time to catch up on the things we would never have had a chance to do should we have been at work.

I know many people are going to suffer financially, it is always the case, but at least you are safe and alive, money is important but not as important as our Health.

In the UK the Government are doing everything in their power to alleviate the tension and financial burden we are facing in these uncertain times.

I have used my time to find and read the many fascinating blogs we have at our fingertips, and I have made many new friends in the process, imagine what it was like back in the days of Anne Frank were she had to live in a small space in an attic and was terrified to make a sound fearing she would be caught by the Nazis, imagine that scenario, look at our situation compared to that and you will see we have it easy, so my friends, all of you Worldwide, please take care, I am confident this will all be over soon, we will be looking back and talking about the days we had to self isolate for a few weeks or many Years and laugh about some of the fun we had in the process.

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