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Billys Rants and opinions.When the mask is off!

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Hey guys it’s a long time since I had a rant so today I feel like one. Here in England, (not the whole of the UK) Isolation has been lifted, it seems the figures out lately indicate the death rate has dropped (thank goodness) since Covid started and it has impacted and changed our lives, and for some they continue to keep safe by wearing masks and gloves if out and about.

We now have a situation were some people are wearing masks and some have chosen not to, this in itself is causing a wee bit of friction because the people wearing them feel they are in the right so in their protective view they want everyone to wear them when in shops etc.


The Government as usual have made sure they are covered by leaving it up to the individual whether they want to wear masks or not, some people are pissed off wearing masks even some who have not even had one injection, so what do we do?

As well as this dilemma some people are refusing to take the vaccine altogether because of principle, well speaking of one person who has had both jabs I do not feel any different but some are saying it affects the immunity or something?

What is your view?

Mask on or mask of in Public or in supermarkets etc?

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4 thoughts on “Billys Rants and opinions.When the mask is off!”

  1. I look at it this way: We should be doing what we can to help all of us get through this. I’m fully vaccinated, but I always wear a mask. I don’t confront anyone who doesn’t wear one, but it would hurt my soul to know that I somehow transmitted the virus to someone else. With this Delta variant, it’s been proven that even vaccinated people can be unknowing carriers. I can’t live with that, so I mask up. It’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, and I’m good with that…

  2. We still wear masks indoors in washrooms and shops, as it makes us feel comfortable and also respects those store clerks that must still wear masks. We do not look on it as a tribulation. I also do not comment on or think all others should wear masks. Not my purview and not my problem. We continue to take precautions as the 4th wave rolls on and the unvaccinated begin experiencing what is commonly known as the thinning of the herd. We can’t all be the same or think the same, but we can respect the decisions of others and do our best to stay out of unsafe situations. Stay well, Keep Calm and Carry On William. Allan

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