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Blood thicker than Water?

Hi friends.

Today I would like to talk about Families. Gone is the days when family meant family and sticking by each other. In the early days of the 60,s and 70,s you looked after each other, you were a family unit, lo betide anyone who got in the way of family or tried to hurt them, it is certainly changed days.
I am speaking in general as opposed to personally, as I watch things going on around me it is kinda sad, sad, that there are so many families split, never speaking to each other, never making that effort.

I also think it’s incredible how sons and daughters do not speak to their mum just because something happened outwith the Mothers control many Years ago, it is really, sad that they cannot forgive and forget and move on.
When you fall out with a friend, you may not speak to them for a wee while, or if it is serious ever again, but nine times out of ten all is forgiven and you become pals again, maybe not as close but pals nevertheless.

It only takes one person to make the move, but when everyone is stubborn, it can be a lifetime before you all finally get together, often what happens is there is a death in the family, and then everyone says “what if” well what if is too late, you need to move on and forget the past.
Siblings are sometimes the hardest nut to crack when they fall out for a very long time, sometimes years go by and there is no communication.

The thing that gets me is, what tragedy made them fall out? Is it so serious you cannot discuss it and get over it? It is puzzling, but a puzzle that often ends up with a piece missing, therefore you cannot complete it.

Weird eh?

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