When love turns sour 
it can tear you apart
make life shit
break your heart.
you reminice of the good times
forgetting the bad
look over your snapshots
of the fun you once had.
Hand in Hand on the beach
sharing a meal
fighting over an orange
you struggled to peel.
cuddling up on the sofa
watching TV
that was our life
what was destined to be.
But things went wrong
we started to fight
mostly during the day
but more frequent at night.
jealousy took its toll
when you flirted around
it was all in my head
totally unfound.
Then we slept seperatly
and nodded "good day"
when it finally ended
we had nothing to say.
So I did the right thing
left you behind
but deep down I loved you
muffling feelings I find.
We both moved on
you found a new man
nice to see you happier
he did more than I can.
I wonder how long
it will last this time
when the rot sets in
and you are in your "prime"

This is one of my earlier poems, hope you enjoy.

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