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Broadband Blues.


I live in a small village in England, Countryside aplenty, open spaces aplenty, but lots and lots of trees, therefore it decreases the signal from the high masts put up by the operators.

I was always led to believe that signals can go through anything, they can go through walls in your home, which allows you Wi-Fi in every room in the house, so why can’t we get a decent broadband signal?

The Company I am with are shall we say a bit useless, I will not name them, but they are as puzzled about my connection problems as I am, you go through all the useless steps with the advisor, but at the end of the day you are left with 2 things, earache and a massive HEADACHE but still no further forward from the minute you picked up the phone to put it down.

II came from a City in Scotland, we had fibre-optic broadband, it was fast, reliable, and you hardly had any issues, but not here, you have more issues than success.

Literally you are paying for a service that isn’t really giving you value for money.

I am stuck, no Company in the UK, can give us any faster speeds than 11mb per second, ok, if you just use the net for browsing and emails, but when you have all these networks, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you need a constant, decent connection, or you are faced with buffering, which isn’t pleasant when you’re watching a movie.

I will persevere with this but hold little or no hope in getting a solution…

thanks, folks.

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