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Calton Hill. Edinburgh.


Calton Hill in Edinburgh is a famous landmark, set directly in the City Centre. Housed on this hill is an Athenian Acropolis, the unfinished project started in early 1800,s it is titled the “National Monument”
It was just after Napoleon’s defeat copied after the sculpture in Athens. This was to commemorate the dead from the Napoleonic wars.

Calton Hill. Edinburgh.

As always with such a major project they ran out of money before it was completed, hence why it was nicknamed “Edinburgh’s” shame? Cannot understand why because even unfinished it is beautiful.

In my younger days, we used this place as an adventure playground, It is approximately five minutes away from where I used to live when I lived in Edinburgh.
We used to grab cardboard boxes, yes you heard right folks lol cardboard boxes, we used them to slide down Calton Hill, the grass was so shiny that it enabled you to slide down very fast this was cool.

From the top of Calton Hill, you get excellent views of the City, Arthurs Seat and Salisbury crags, as well as the Main City Centre Princess street. Also, housed on top of Calton Hill is a very old Observatory which is now called “Camera Obscura” for lovers of stargazing this is the place to visit.

There is also a Monument of Admiral Nelson who led the British troops to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, in 1805, it was said that ships set their navigation with the special chronometer fitted on the monument. Mostly these days Calton Hill is a venue for the Edinburgh Festival Grand fireworks display which is a superb array of lights and bangs lol.

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