Hey friends. Today I would like to chat about CBD.

The advertising of CBD oil is off the scale these days, it promises to help people in different ways, so naturally, I wanted to try some, It is made from Hemp, having some medical issues, and the pain of reaching 60 the bones and muscles are starting to ache and having type 2 diabetes there are more complications.

There are hundreds of variations in this product, some have had rave reviews, while others have had more negative responses, so how do you know which CBD oil is the best? I wish I knew.

The one I am trialling is a well-known brand, advertised everywhere and says it will help with the issues listed, however, the directions are a bit unclear as to how much you consume per day.

I tried at the start with a mere 5ml or nearest damn it to see if it made a difference.

The first day I tried it I did feel a difference, however, it did not have a lasting effect, so I took another dose at bedtime and hoped it would be better.

I slept like a log, I have sleep apnea, and usually, I waken a few times a night, but not these past few nights I have slept from around 3 am to 1 pm daily since consuming the CBD oil twice daily.

The pains in my legs and feet remain, but I will persevere with this until I achieve some results, watch this space.

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William Sinclair Manson
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