Bric a brac shoes and clothes 
dishes ornaments or mags
things you have you do not want
Even old used rags.
Charities put bags through your door
and you fill them every week
but still the bags lie for ages
Grow mouldy and they reek.
We do not take this item
sorry we don't want those
I am sure the needy everywhere
Their life they had not chose.
I want to make money
but do not want certain things
like that old standard lamp
Or the ornament of the lady who sings.
So what is the point of me?
Am I here to help the needy
I will pick and choose what I want
Because I am so greedy.
So take your well-used items
and throw them in the dump
now I am wondering why this country
is facing a financial slump.

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William Sinclair Manson
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