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Climate change Protests.


Hey friends,
Hope you are well, this rant is not about Climate Change, more about what is happening in our Country, UK, especially the damage people are doing.
I am all for saving the Planet, God we need to take a firm hold on what is happening, however, I disagree with the practices in fighting for the cause.
There is no point in making the situation worse by stopping people getting to Work, what is that going to achieve? People could lose their job, especially in this climate of Unemployment.
Stopping transport, agitating the already pissed off Public who have to listen to Clueless Politicians on a daily basis over Brexit.
Putting Graffiti all over monuments etc, that is not doing the cause any good, defacing buildings, what will that achieve?
It would be nice if other Countries practised the art of Climate Change, we cannot do this on our own, one Little island compared to the World, this needs to be Worldwide before the change can happen.
I applaud the guys who are protesting legally and I will always be on their side, but please do not make the situation worse by bringing the Country to a standstill.

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