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Coronovirus. spreads.


The disease spreads, I wonder if any of our leading scientists are near to a cure, chances are they will be, its just a matter of time.

Experts are now saying the virus could be contracted by bats or a scaly creature the Asians eat as a delicacy called the “pangolin” not sure what kind of creature it is but it is eaten in Asia.

I am unclear of why Asians eat these things, can they not just eat the same as everyone else? do they not realise they are bringing in these diseases through exotic animals that no one would dream of eating apart from them.

Some of the fake news posted lately show Asians eating all sorts of things, from live Rats to dogs, now this has really got my back up as dogs are pets and not considered foodstuff for weird people to eat, especially when other foodstuffs can either be grown or raised to be slaughtered like cattle, pigs etc.

Personally I cannot understand the logic of humans who eat dogs or Humans who bring all the diseases known or unknown to man through their food.

The deadly coronavirus outbreak in China could have spread from bats to humans through the illegal trafficking of pangolins.

The endangered animals are the world’s only scaly mammals and are coveted in Asia for food and medicine, Chinese researchers said.

The pangolin is one of Asia’s most trafficked mammals, although protected by international law, because its meat is considered a delicacy in countries such as China and its scales are used in traditional medicine, the World Wildlife Fund says.

People are saying “its not their fault this disease has come about” yes it bloody well is, as you are bringing disease to the World through your weird eating habits.

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