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Country Life.

Bright coloured wildflowers 
in open Golden fields 
watching the Farmer 
gathering his yields. 
Butterflies flying 
circling around 
no sign of pollution 
not even a sound. 
Birds busy twittering
in huge branched trees
Collecting for its nest
that no one sees.
Grass very high
stretches for miles
consumed in glory
sunshine and smiles.
forget about the hustle
and bustle of Town
ignore the tedium
expressions and frown
The sound of car horns
in a carcass of tin
the screaming of children
creations of din.
Smoke covered Cities
polluted and grey
weeds growing everywhere
every day.
Embarking the freedom
clean Country air
forgetting the busy life
no one to stare.
Dream of the peace
fighting all done
stare into space
burnt with the sun.
Quietness drowning
with the sound of peace
anxiety plummets
headaches cease.
Country life
is pure and clean
untouched by developers
glad Iv'e been.
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