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Covid is very real.


You never really know the impact of this virus until someone you care about catches it, it isnt nice when anyone catches it let alone your loved ones but you never really know how serious it is until members of your family are extremely ill. My youngest daughter and my ex wife contracted the virus and they had no idea where they caught it, they were very careful wearing full PPE when they went out, doing all the things you are supposed to, taking every precaution you need to and yet they still contracted it.

My daughter in her early thirties was able to fight the virus, even though she had all the symptoms, being young she was able to fight it and fully recovered, but my ex wife who has emphysema wasn’t as lucky, she was hospitalised after the first few days because she couldn’t eat ,drink, or gain strength to battle the virus as she is vulnerable. The virus attacked all her defences, thankfully her breathing was as normal as it could be due to having a lung disease but it floored her in other ways, she was thankfully let out of hospital the following day to be cared for at home but a fortnight after she contracted the virus she is still weak and vulnerable.

I was a bit miffed to find out she never received a covid injection even after contracting the disease but I assume that once you get it the chances of catching it again are very slim, but it is weird how her circumstances and age did not get her the injection a wee bit quicker.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to follow ALL the guidelines laid down by medical professionals because you never know when and if it is going to strike.

To the people who think this is not real and think they are safe, trust me no one is safe and the consequences can be dire.

My ex wife is very ill, but she is a battler and I am sure with time she will get over this but it knocked her for six.

Be very careful folks and take all the measures in place to keep safe.

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10 thoughts on “Covid is very real.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope and pray your ex-wife recovers. I think it’s important that people hear accounts of this illness from people they trust,

  2. I hope your ex-wife makes a full recovery! A friend of mine was telling me the other day that his son’s friend from college, a 26-year-old girl with no medical conditions, passed away from the virus recently. They leave on the East Coast of the US and I’m wondering if she had caught one of the newer variants which I’ve been reading can cause more serious disease. We’re definitely looking forward to becoming eligible for the vaccine!

  3. Covid is most definitely real. But there are many people who deny it. I’m glad to have gotten a first dose of vaccine and look forward to the second. Because of asthma and age, getting it could be very serious. Once you get it, you can’t wish it away. I hope your ex wife is fully recovered soon.

  4. It is hard to believe there are still so many non believers and conspiracy theorists out there. Perhaps they do not know anyone who has had or died from Covid. My sister thinks that it is no worse than the flu and that nurses are being told to put Covid on death certificates, even if it is not true. We stay away from everyone and treat all items coming into the house as if they are nuclear waste. My son, who works with Covid patients has received his first shot, but the 2nd shot keeps getting pushed back, due to vaccine shortages. Hopefully they get this figured out soon. Stay well my friend and hope your family gets well soon. Allan

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