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Covid or not Covid? that is the question.


Good Morning fellow Bloggers, and readers, hope you are keeping well and safe.

As we are still having to isolate, our homes have never been so clean lol, because we don’t have much else to do, the gardens are looking show worthy, the kids are bored but not climbing the walls yet or worse the Parents lol, we are getting through this, we are a World of stamina and won’t let this virus get to us, Was watching Independence day Resurgence the other day and it reminded me of just how worse it could be, yeah it’s fictional but still watching the resilience of Humanity is quite rewarding.

While people are losing jobs day to day, finding it hard to make ends meet, financially struggling to pay bills (because no matter what) they Never go away, we still have some people jumping on the bandwagon, what I mean by that is, because most Companies (who can afford it) have furloughed their workers, meaning they get 80 per cent of their salary I am talking about the UK here folks, it may be different where you are. if they are vulnerable or live with someone vulnerable they quite rightly get some help from their Company and relieve the financial burden a tad.

Getting to the point, there is a huge difference between the symptoms of hay fever and Covid19, Hay fever has been in our lives for Centuries its annoying and we have and will continue to live with it, however people are mixing up the symptoms of that with the symptoms of covid19. So because they are sneezing, getting headaches, etc, they are scared they are getting covid19 and are, calling in sick, isolating for two weeks when they know full well they have suffered from hay fever and that’s probably the cause, so not only are they playing the system they are affecting their fellow colleagues by putting them under pressure at work because they do not turn up. So if you are one of these people shame on you because we are in a bad situation as it is and YOU are making it worse.

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