Debt, a matter of fact.

Hello friends, yes its me again, This evening I would like to talk about debt.
Almost everyone in this World relies on credit, not because we want it, but because we NEED it, to survive.
We need a top up for our wage which isn’t enough to keep us going until the next pay day.
Taxes ,rent, Rising fuel costs, food costs, and General cost of living is hard, and we need a backup.

Credit cards are wonderful these days the Banks make it attractive to people who can afford them with either doing a Bank transfer or purchases on a low interest rate, in fact in my lifetime I have never seen so much attractive credit interest rates as we have today.

If you shop around (and have a good Credit record) you can take advantage of the all the good deals, this is the problem, we are enticed into a good deal, after all we are only human and when we see a bargain we have to have it. The consequences are pretty dire though as often people get into debt too quickly, another bill comes in, you don’t pay your credit card and then your in trouble, bang goes your good credit record and you can be taken to court for non-payment.

Young families struggle in these days of hardship, credit cards maxed, loans everywhere, you wonder were the end is.
I am a credit card user and at the moment I am in control, but I can see how easy it is to keep spending all the time and to hell with the implications it delivers.
I want you to know you are not alone, we are all in the same boat.




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