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Do we finally see the end?


Hey folks,

After YEARS of heartache, Years of arguments, Years of uncertainty, are we about to get a deal and leave the EU?
It seems the Irish are happy, It seems the EU is at least thinking about the deal, and if it does come about, this Country will finally move forward and concentrate on the things we have neglected ever since this fiasco was born.

Well, we can only wait with bated breath to see whether we will indeed leave the EU on the 31rst of this Month, or we extend? Which I hope will not be the case, because this will mean more delays and I do not think the Country will be happy.
As well as all this with Brexit comes to the Scottish Ministers proposal to ask for independence again?? Why? It was thrown out the last time? Does this woman think that the Scottish People will accept her wishes, and let’s face it this has been her dream since being elected onto the SNP.
(Scottish Nationalist Party)

I am Scottish, and off course want what the Scottish People want but do they really want Independence?
We shall just have to wait and see.

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