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Don’t Pretend!

You try to be someone you’re not 
At times this can be fine 
But sometimes it isn't suitable 
when the idea isnt mine. 
Being who you are is important 
Everyone will respect the normal you 
When you’re happy people will notice 
dont worry if your feeling blue.  
Wearing two hats can be difficult
Especially when your forced to pretend
Your head can only fit one hat snugly
Don’t force it to fit or to bend.
In this world you are noted for your honesty
So be true to yourself and to others
For everyone will notice the difference
Especially your sisters and brothers.
You will be respected by who you are
Friends will never desert you
Everyone will be happy to help
and more friends you will accrue.
There are many pretentious people
Acting the clown and playing the part
But deep down they really love you
you are always in their heart.
No matter what you look like
If your skin is black or white
we are all the same together
just as we have day or night.
People may make fun of you
Because you may not be the "norm"
ignore the ignorance around you
settle in and weather the storm.
Jealousy is a human trait
Everyone wants to be number one
But that may not be possible these days
Second or third can be fun.
Take a look at yourself in the mirror
Realize you are what you are
Don’t try to imitate anyone
your a precious individual by far.
when you are naturally growing old
Don’t try to go under the knife
Your body is how it’s meant to be
just try and live out yor life.
Until there is a drug
That can turn your life around
Be who you are, respect yourself
You will benefit from it, and be sound.

Be who you are, Do not pretend to be something you are not.

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