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Dull Brexit, Boring Brexit.


Hi folks, well, Are you pissed off hearing about Brexit? I am, what a pa-lava. One telling you one thing, another calling them a liar, and giving their views, so who do you believe?
Quite frankly I wish they would all go away and see what happens when it happens.
Trade in the UK, will not be harmed, Europe needs us, and we need them, All the manufacturers who have an interest in the UK, will not stop making their products because we are NOT in the EU.
They won’t cut off their nose to spite their face, imagine the money they would lose so is this drama really worth listening to.?
I voted to leave the EU, I wanted us to do it on our own, Britain is one of the largest business Countries in the World and isn’t short of a bob or 2 so why do we have to panic?

It is 2018 and every Country should have the right to trade with whomever they want without all the red tape.
I for the life of me cannot understand why we are not trading with Countries outside the EU it has always baffled me.
I am not saying I am an expert on this subject, but I am sick of listening to it. It is on the news daily, papers daily, radio, its everywhere and for me it is now becoming a bore.
I am not a Tory supporter but quite frankly I cannot see any other Politician who can get us the best deal rather than Theresa May.
So for God’s sake let her get on with it, we can argue the fine points when it happens, give us all a break.

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