Early Days Part 2.

Life wasn’t all bad, there were happy times, times when we thought everything was “normal” times when dad was a good dad and fulfilled his parental duties, like taking us to places, he used to take us to the greyhound racing, and the best for me was the wrestling, in those days it was quite exciting.

We never went on holiday, the summer holidays is where I spent all my time with my pals, either playing football, going to the beach, or on a “bus run” which at that time brought more excitement.

As money was always tight, we were content just doing our own thing during the summer, in those days there were no play stations, TV was cool, but it was always better to go out and about.

My parents were never really strict about timekeeping, especially in the holidays, however, on school days you had to be in at a reasonable time.

I loved the summer holidays, I had the pleasure sometimes of having a go on my cousins’ bike, they lived near us and often came round to give us a go, I never had my own cycle at that time.

I have 3 sisters and two brothers, one older brother one younger, he and I were at that time often bitter enemies, we competed for friends, and always tried to outdo each other in everything we did, we were not very close then, but as we got older the bond was there.

Our friends lived in the same building as us, our parents were also friends, back in those days everyone cared about each other, at “Hogmanay” Scotland, everyone’s door was opened, and often all family members grouped for a great night of drinking and song.

My parents loved a good sing-song, I think that’s why I like music today, although they never played instruments, they loved singing, those were happy memories, the sad memories were the after-effects of a night on the drink, it usually ended up in fighting between our parents, and off course when we were terrified of the situation, sometimes we were lucky, our older

Brother or sister was present, but a lot of times we were on our own and sometimes had to walk the streets with our mum in our pyjamas to get away from our dad.

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