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Educational Blues. part 7

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Hello again. Probably a high percentage of people of any age have at one point been bullied, if not at school, were most of it happens perhaps at work.

We all know Bullies are cowards, they pick on the vulnerable and don’t stop till something drastic happens.
The bullied tend to keep their mouth shut for fear of reprisals, making the situation ten times worse, but in your mind, you’re doing yourself a favour as the
Bullying would intensify.

I was bullied in the first year of High School. I was 12, in a school far away from where I lived, well it was only 6 miles (ca. 10 km) but felt far.
The guy who decided to bully me was around my size, thick long hair and wore glasses, he really had it in for me, and spent most of his days trying to get me to fight him, I refused many times which made him worse, the more I refused the more aggressive he got.

In hindsight maybe if I landed him a punch it would have been over and yes I would have probably been beaten up, but that would probably have been the end of it.
Day by day he cornered me at the back of a brick building which was a kind of annexe from the main school, the only way out from there was either over a tall wall or through him.

I never really wondered even to this day why he chose me, every day, he would taunt me to fight him, but every day I refused
Despite this, believe it or not, I did not take time off school or did I tell any teachers or even my parents, I just put up with it as many bullied people do.
The bullying fizzled out, he eventually gave up and life went on, but to be honest, it wasn’t nice, Bullies are normally lacking some kind of morality, it’s uncool to be a bully but sadly it still goes on to this day, sadly, the kids nowadays are petrified to go to school and often don’t attend, then the education suffers, and it’s only when it all comes out in the wash is anything done about it.

I swore after that I would never be bullied by anyone for the rest of my life, however even after you leave school and start a job, the bullying can horribly follow you.

More next time.


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