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Food Glorious Food.

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Hi friends and fellow self Isolators, lol sounds like some script from the walking dead hehe, we are still alive, yes the COVID19 epidemic is still going strong, sadly people are still dying but one thing I noticed very quickly, that people are starting to slow down on the bulk buying, and the vulnerable are getting supplies from volunteer armies all over the World. In my Village, there has been a covid19 volunteer group set up for each part of the Village, so if your struggling, they are a phone call away, it goes to show that Humanity still has some compassion we are not doomed.

I wonder if this is similar to what our Grandparents or Parents had to deal with during the War when rationing was the norm they coped then, they had to, so we will cope now. I work in a Supermarket where I live, I still see empty shelves because the poor guys working there cannot get them filled quick enough, Distributors are working around the clock to make sure stores are supplied with everyday essentials so folks don’t worry we have plenty of food.


Customers are complying with the efforts of distancing, the shops are adopting a one in one out a policy to keep everyone safe, so that is working well, however, there are still one or two nasty people out there who insist on blaming shop staff because they cannot get everything they want, and this is not cool, please remember that we are working to keep food on your table, we are open to contracting the virus and infecting out families, so please do not make it all about YOU.

If we all keep our cool, trust the experts, who are battling 24/7 to get us a vaccine to combat this devastating virus, we will all be ok, and in a few months time when everything is back to normal, all the stories and comedic bants will be flying all over the World.


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2 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food.

  1. I’m glad to read people in your village has a support group, William.

    People who hoard groceries make me feel frustrated and concerned that it might lead to governments having to issue ration books just to have enough for everyone. Let’s hope it never gets to that. You are right, our parents and grandparents had it much worse during a world war, so we should all count our blessings and continue to be patient.

    Take care! Cheers to you.

    1. Thank you Halim and you are quite correct, we do not want it to come to that, I work in a supermarket and people are being restricted on some items, so the greedy have to abide by the same rules, take care pal and be safe.

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