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From a Distance.

From a distance I want to say
Long to hold you everyday
But for now I can’t hold you near
For your very existence I fear.
Remember the times when we sat on the bench?
Eating our snacks ,satisfying our quench
Watching the birds jump from tree to tree
The World was special with just you and me.
We met each week without a care
Now We can’t meet, life isn’t fair
I see your face on a computer screen
You’re still beautiful as you have always been.
But be patient this will not last long
Whether we are apart be it right or wrong
It will be more special when we are united
When the beautiful candle is re-lighted
Distance will be a thing of the past
And humanity will surely last
We have faced more than this for sure
Life is precious and will remain pure.

We all hope this will end soon
keep hoping and praying, folks
until then, stay home, stay safe.
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