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General Election Part 2.

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So folks here we are again, we are coming up to another General election, what have the parties fighting for our vote have to offer?
Well so far, as usual, the Tories are only thinking of the rich and as usual to hell with the poor, the poor who keep the Country going by working till they drop.
The latest thing on the Tory manifesto is that anyone who needs to go into care will be allowed to keep up to 100,000 pounds (ca. 45 t) of their assets before they have to pay for their own care, so how long do they think 100,000 pounds (ca. 45 t) is going to last when your ushered into a care home? Not long by all accounts as it costs a fortune for care?

But they think this is good, well friends they are the only ones, but what is the alternative? Labour promises to end hardship for the poor, pump billions into the NHS, make the higher tax earners pay more and perhaps put a penny or two on to the tax we pay.
I have been labour through and through my whole working life, but things changed when Labour turned out to be just as bad or worse than the Tories, spend spend spend and to hell with the consequences, that’s why we are suffering with austerity today.

I am Scottish and I take everything Sturgeon says with a pinch of salts, all she wants is an Independent Scotland, does she really care about the Scottish people? Does she not realize what the implications would be? As I said I am Scottish but I do not think an independent Scotland will favour the people, and all because she does not want to leave the EU, despite 17 million people thinking different.
One last thing on Brexit, no one knows still what’s going to happen when we eventually leave, and to be honest I don’t think it will make any difference to us, as we will be able to trade worldwide instead of just Europe, Britain has a lot to offer, our industrial CV proves as such, so we will be able to trade comfortably worldwide.
That is off course if we are still alive as a cold war is brewing.


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