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General Election.


Surprise Surprise Theresa May has called for a General Election, why? because she knows she will win hands down, as there are no other parties strong enough to stand up to the Tories, certainly not Labour.
Jeremy Corbyn is a joke and will never make the Prime Minister of this or any other Country, I am not saying it is only down to him, but Labour need a strong Leader and in my opinion he isnt it.
I was brought up working class, my mum and dad voted labour most of their lives, when Labour actually stood for something, had Morals, and looked after the people.
In the heady days of the 70’s Labour dominated because of the Trade Unions, every Organisation feared the Unions, Productivity suffered, but the rights of workers were back then the forefront of Unions and the Labour Party, these days I am not sure what Labour stands for.

So what’s the alternative? in my opinion there isn’t one, wish there was but sadly no party is strong enough to go against the Tories, even although Tory means care for the rich and screw the poor, that should be their truthful Manifesto, banks, rich people, industrialists that’s Tory, working class, well who cares eh?
Despite the lack of Parties capable of votes, I am still and always will vote, I have never wasted my vote, and who knows some day it might even make a difference.
So its coming up to the Local Elections, my voting card is ready, who will I vote for? atm I am unsure, but bet your bottom dollar I wont be wasting it.
As I sit here thankful I have a job, and thankful to the Tories for my extra 10 pence per hour every year I wonder what our kids will have when they are our age? well for a start they probably wont be allowed to retire till they drop, and maybe by then the economy will be at its best, lets face it, its the argument all the time between parties, will the food banks close? will pensioners be able to use their heating? will there be any jobs at all? who knows, certainly no one seems to have the answers.


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