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Near to the Elections UK.


Hello folks, how are you? Well, we have seen a few debates so far on the coming General Election, so who do you fancy?
For many Years I voted Labour but after hearing today’s manifesto from Labour it’s highly unlikely I will be voting for them.

Why? It was all going so well until Jeremy Corbyn decided to have a Free run of Migrants into the UK, for me that’s a no no.
This Country is struggling to make ends meet, the people of Great Britain cannot find work as it is, cannot get a home, cannot get their kids into school, cannot make ends meet, and this jumped up weirdo decides that free movement is a good thing? Yes, it’s a good thing for skilled workers, but will it stop there? Don’t think so, and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist I know the Health service would crumble without migrant workers, but we need to draw the line somewhere.

This has put me right off Labour and even if I wanted to waste my vote on UKIP, I would rather do that than let a Government open the flood gates for the whole world to come to Britain, It is about time we looked after our own, many of our own ex-servicemen are struggling on the streets when they fought for this country and its beyond a joke.
I wonder what will be next from Labour? We shall have to see.


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