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God bless America and her weapons.

Hey folks, been a while, hope you are all doing good. Today I would like to discuss a programme I watched on the BBC called. “One deadly weekend in America” It was an interesting documentary highlighting the number of people who are shot, wounded or Killed in America. In a weekend, horrifyingly it happens on a daily basis.
In disbelief, I watched this harrowing documentary as families were and probably still are mourning the loss of a loved one through gun crime.
I have many dear friends in America and sometimes I am fearful for their well-being. It seems to me that if you have a fall out with someone in America they just shoot you, well I think it’s because the gun laws are too lenient, In such a powerful Country why can’t they illegalize guns in America. Most powerful countries in the world do not have citizens shooting each other on a daily basis, so why doesn’t America, it seems that the 5th amendment is the reason, and I believe that every citizen has a right to protect their families or friends, but shooting just for the sake of it is disgusting.
It is a fact that guns are readily available anywhere in the world, but in the UK it is illegal to have a gun or a knife if it is intended to cause harm. In this new millennium, it is hard to believe that t
aking a life means nothing.


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