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Going Crazy in the Aisles.

panic b

What is happening here?

As the Coronovirus spreads we are facing an epidemic, not with the disease but with the numpties who think the World is ending and they need to stock up with everything from Toilet Rolls to Hand sanitizer?

Retail Shops are now having to control the amount a Customer can buy because people have been going crazy over a toilet roll.

Certain foods are also being bought up in huge quantities, for example, Pasta has been emptied off most Supermarkets shelves in the UK.

I thought the virus affected your lungs, not your bowels? so why is everyone panic buying bog rolls?

I hope this Virus is finally contained and I am sure it is only a matter of time before there is a cure, so people stop being silly panic buying is not making the situation better it is depriving some people of the necessary things they need in life.

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2 thoughts on “Going Crazy in the Aisles.”

  1. Where I live, we’re encourage to have emergency supplies on hand because it’s earthquake country, so I try to keeps stocked up.

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