Goodbye Harry, see ya.


Well Well, so Harry and his misses want to live in another country? They want to break away from the shroud of Public life which surrounds him at least by birth? Why? All because they feel they cannot have a life while being in the Public eye? Well, son sad to say you were born into that life, we do not care whether you take part in Royal life or not to be honest, not while the World is crumbling around us, millions of people in Australia losing everything they own, their homes, animals dying in the thousands because of Global warming, and you want us to feel sorry for you? I also want to bring to your attention, the tensions in the Middle East which is a time bomb waiting to go off.

I for one will not miss you as far as I am concerned you are another Royal a person who has had it so easy all your; life, never wanting for anything, and probably never will, so ordinary people like me could care less whether your having a bad time with your brother and cannot take the Publicity which goes with your status.

It would not make any difference to the Ordinary Punter where you live in the World but do us one favour, Please do not have the British taxpayer stumping up for your Security in another Country, let Canada pay for your keep, Also you will never escape the Public eye no matter where you are, do the right thing and make your own way in the World like Millions have done before you.

Good luck.



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