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Grand National of Disgrace.

201 Horses died in 2018.

The stage is set, the crowds gather, the paddocks ablaze with excitement and hope, the punters ready to bet good money on their favourite Horse or maybe they got a tip, whatever the scenario it’s a big day in Horse racing in the UK.
Millions of people have a punt on the race, millions of pounds are spent on this one race, it’s a traditional United Kingdom day, it only happens once a year.
This is all great, the TV figures are huge, the owners and jockeys are all set for a profitable day, but what about the implications of the race for the poor animals who have to race it?

Many Horses are killed or maimed in this despicable race and thank God it’s only once a year.
The fences are so high that the Horse struggles to get over it whilst being whipped by a human torturer beckoning the horse to go faster.
I do not even watch this murder on TV as I know at least half a dozen horses will be killed or wounded, then shot because they are suffering.

I personally think this barbaric race should be cancelled and never talked about again, as it reminds you just how greedy people are to make money even at the cost of some poor animals who have no choice in the matter.
The pictures from the last Grand National are horrific and beggars belief why we allow this.
I only hope that someday someone will realize just how monstrous this race is and ban it.

This is what the Grand National does to the poor Horses. 

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