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Great Britain once again.


So we have finally left
And now we can all move on
The rivalry has diminished
The hatred hopefully gone.
All those Years of anguish
And the fear of what will come
No worrying about the future
And making your brain numb.
The UK has left Europe
After many a year in its grip
So lets move on and be great again
And enjoy this solo trip.
We can now trade around the World
Proudly show them what we can do
Sell our wares to far away places
Build a Country we love through and through.
Great Britain is now on the up
We have left the negativity behind
It will now be all worthwhile
As we face the hardship and grind.
So to all you negative people
Who think this is tragedy and despair
It is what the people wanted
And now it is only fair.
It will be tough times going ahead
Without the protection of our friends
But we will rise and be hardy
Britain relishes setting new trends.
We will not be a Nation
Closing our doors to the talent we require
But you will have to work and contribute
Until you want to retire.
Britain will be great again
We will compete with our souls
Earning the pride of our neighbours
Fulfilling many goals.
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