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Happy New Year. Goodbye 2020.

happy new year
As another Year approaches
and an awful one subsides
we look forward to a safe one
as this killer disease divides.
It hasn't been a happy one
so many have met their fate
joined by thousands of others
at the pearly gate.
Scientists have fought day and night
to bring us a speedy cure
and now it is finally here
humanity can become pure.
But what about the consequences
this disease has left behind?
The departed and the sick
are so much in our mind.
The lonely who got lonelier
the elderly who had no one
the families all sadly isolated
who couldn't have no fun.
The schools closed for long periods
children missing their friends
shops emptied with panic buying
setting whole new trends.
Masks worn in public places
everyone scared to meet
keeping a proper distance
marching with their feet.
But as we welcome the cure
we must still be on our toes
although the disease is finally beaten
and we pray to God it goes.
Happy New Year to everyone
lets pray for a better Year
hopefully no one will be shedding
a cold and lonely tear.

Happy New Year everyone.
Lets hope 2021 will be a better Year
and we are able to get back to some sort of normality.
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