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Hard to believe on Hallows eve.


I remember the days when Halloween meant fun, a time to get together with friends and go round your neighbour’s doors for sweets or a penny or two, so what happened?
I read on the Edinburgh Evening newspaper online that a boy was physically kidnapped taken somewhere and made to fight for his life under the tuition of a gang of thugs? What’s happening to our Country, why do this to an innocent young lad, minding his own business, and just celebrating Halloween?

He must have been petrified as anyone would under those horrific circumstances, and it does not end there, a friend in our Village in England told me his stepson was attacked by kids and parents and had all his sweets taken off him with a few knocks to the poor wee souls head, the parents just laughed??

When you see what’s happening in this Country with the clowns running it, then it is no surprise that everyone is going mad, but for goodness’ sake why pick on the kids?
What a horrible World this is turning into and at an alarming rate.

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4 thoughts on “Hard to believe on Hallows eve.”

      1. Really! In the city next to us, a family was giving a Halloween themed birthday party – and a man appeared out of no where, killed/injured several and still not caught.

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