Harmony in our World.

What do you see in your daily life? 
Love,  hate, war
arguments ongoing, no sense at all
What are we fighting for?
Hoping a new day brings fresh promise
we all want to live and learn
we only get one crack at the whip
And goodness we can earn.
Say "hello" don't be shy
we are all the same
get your head up, enjoy the view
Don't hang your head in shame.
Do someone a good turn
make their day
you will benefit
All the way.
When you feel irate
count to ten
hold your breath
Think back when.
Peace was the norm
Brothers were united
when each day was magical
You felt excited.
We only have one World
so lets give it a bash
think before you speak
Don't be rash.
Unanimous in wealth
it's a time to cheer
when we live in harmony
Not in fear.


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