He went away?


Always helping others
a loved and cared for child
no one he knew around him
Where off the track, or wild.
If you needed any chores done
Carl was the boy you’d ask
nothing was beneath him
Any job or task.
He was awarded the nicest guy in town
people flocked around to pay tribute
pensioners, kids, and parents alike
Pleasantries they would distribute.
Then one day he disappeared
had gone without a trace
his picture posted everywhere
Far-flung they knew his face.
His parents were distraught
no one could believe he had gone
tears filled the town in tidal waves
Everyone was forlorn.
Ten years passed his picture still hung
on trees, lampposts, and stores
eventually, the Police gave up
And stopped knocking on the doors.
What had happened to this lovely lad
he wasn’t involved in drugs
nor did he have any vices they said
He wasn’t involved with thugs.
A statue now commemorates the boy
and to this day it remains
all the Townsfolk loved this boy
A lad who had some brains.


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