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High School Blues. part 6

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Hi folks thanks for reading my story, a continuation from yesterday, we left the story at High School, so for a wee while longer I would like to continue..

High school wasn’t that bad but as I said earlier you were put in with strangers, and the only time you saw your old friends from primary, was either in the corridors between classes, or at lunchtime, I met with my friend at lunchtime, we exchanged conversations mainly about the teachers and the new settings.
The main High School was full when we were supposed to attend, so they made an annexe, the annexe was still part of the main School, however, it was about 4 miles (6.44 km) away, so we were given a bus pass to travel from and home to school every day, in those days the bus pass was free.

The annexe was adjacent a busy main road, covered by trees on the edge of the road, at one side was a huge park, it was one of the bigger parks in Edinburgh, there was also a set of shops within walking distance, so if you did not like the meals, you could go to the shop to buy something, usually a pie and beans, “a Scottish thing”
The morning break had to be taken in the school, no one was allowed out unless you had express permission.


There was an in the house tuck shop, where you could buy a drink, some crisps
Etc, it was handy.
The teachers in the building were strict, some were over strict, some were downright nasty, the punishment was the same, a double-handed belt if you were unlucky enough to get caught.
The subjects were ok, they were chosen for you, so you really had no choice, if you hated them it was tough, you just had to roll with it.

The subjects I hated no despised, was technical drawing and technical woodwork, I couldn’t grasp the technical side of buildings lol, guess I was never meant to be an architect.
The subjects close to my heart were Music, History, Geography, and Chemistry.
I remember back then a guy who was head of the music block, tried in vain to teach us a musical, the musical was The Wizard of Oz, he gave some of us parts, we were to sing the parts, however, the class clowns took over and the poor guy was flabbergasted by them, he sort of gave up in the end which was a pity as I really wanted to learn how to play an instrument, and sing, but if you duly showed any potential your life was made a misery at break time.

The huge park situated at the back of the building was a nice retreat, it was also the place to settle things, many fights took place there, either at lunchtime or after school, crowds often gathered for a good scrap, out-with the sight of any authorities.
This was where my nightmare started, please come back and find out more.


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