Pour me another one I don't care 
I may have had six or seven
but to me I survive in my own little World
all alone its my form of heaven.
always chastised, doesnt everyone drink?
whats wrong with the odd nip or two?
It's not that I can;t control myself
I depend on that from YOU.
Cider is my forte yes I may drink litres
but bearing in mind thats each day
most people drink more than this in the pub
be quiet I must have my way.
You torment me daily LEAVE ME ALONE
try living my life "if you dare"
I did not choose to be this way
Infact I dont even care.
Give me the bottle you got me upset
my nerves aint made of steel
forget the mixer its too much effort
thats how you make me feel!
I believe you will kill me ventually
but that chance I am willing to take
for years I have suffered the consequencies
and will be my ultimate mistake.
Whwn you are done, yes I will be sad
I may borrow or steal to buy you
you have no idea how you comfort me
make me happy when I'm feeling blue.
I may end up with nothing, not even a friend
I own only the clothes on my back
but as long as I have you by my side
I,m alright and f!@£ you Jack.


The battle with the bottle.
Once it gets a grip
It is so hard to get off it.
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