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I Love Vaping, Do you?


Hey folks, you will recall I have written several articles on Vaping, and started off with “Am I addicted to Vaping”? Well, I have to say for me personally the answer is YES.

When I quit smoking over 2 years ago I swore this time I would stop for good, well in the past I succeeded for 2 Years then fell back into the trap of starting again and this time it hit me worse. I was smoking so many cigarettes I was surprised I had time for anything else. I would crave a ciggy all the time, no matter what I was doing, working, eating, drinking it did not matter, I wanted to smoke, even at the stage where I felt sick, because of the Smoking I wanted more.


I was such a heavy smoker I wondered truthfully how long I would survive and at the time I did not care because the addiction is more comforting than the risks.

I started vaping almost immediately, I had to kiss a few Frogs before I met the right vape pen for me, and that cost quite a lot of money, some wasted, some not but I was still saving lots of money compared to even one packet of Cigarettes which in the UK now cost around 13 pounds a pack, there are some cheaper ones but the good ones are expensive.

I eventually got used to my vape, after having used many, I finally found the right machine, and I have been using it ever since, also I have a good Company I can rely on for vape Juice so I am all set.


The fact there have been some negative stuff about vaping lately has not put me off one bit, I am sure we will all die at some point of something, nowadays we can’t do this can’t do that and before long we will be unable to breathe fresh air as it will have something wrong with it.

I love vaping, I love the taste and the hit it gives me, so this is my new addiction, the throat hit is similar to a real ciggy but without the thousands of poisons inside so I will continue regardless of the fact it can also harm you in the long run, its either that or starting to smoke again, and I know that will definitely harm me.


Why really pisses me off is the fact Governments advised us to give up the cigs and go to a vape, and you cannot even use it in public places, to me that is ridiculous, even if someone is causing steam bombs it is still safe, and cannot kill people around them or maybe not just now.

So am I addicted to Vaping?


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