I'm hurting inside,
you can't see.
All my friends
Think it's just me.

It's just me,
everybody hates me,
life is hard.
People say it will get easy,
that I doubt.

Life is hard.
Why do I go on?
hope maybe.

That I don't know.
Maybe I'm cared for,
maybe I'm not,
but I hope.

Since I'm still here,
I won’t leave,
just because
you were there for me.
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William Sinclair Manson
Welcome friends. My name is William Sinclair Manson. I am 60 years young, I am Scottish but now living in a small village in England. I have been blogging for many Years but recently joined Wordpress and I love it. I have made many new dedicated friends here and hope to meet more around the World.

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