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It’s all in the throw!!


The stage is set, the crowds are ready for action, the atmosphere is super electric and it’s about to get even more exciting.

Gone are the days of the double bellied beer-swilling fag smoking guys who were more drunk than sober when they were playing the game.

I am indeed talking about the great game of arrows, being Darts.

 ITV sport kindly allow us mere mortals who cannot afford satellite sports channels to enjoy the great game, however, is it the great game?

It has become very popular Worldwide people love their darts off course they can have their fav tipple while watching it but for the players its water only lol.

I remember the good old days when Eric Bristow was playing the great Jocky Wilson in a final for about 10 grand lol which was a lot in those days, but not as much as the guys get these days, and when the greats played darts they played what seemed to be 100 sets before they won, but the Players in this league and play the best of 11 legs with the highest being the best of 20?

I feel cheated because they seem to have it a lot easier these days than. The old days when the atmosphere was thick with smoke and blue with cursing lol.

It is a great game nonetheless but it is the same faces all the time, we need new blood, the Van Gerwin’s are getting tedious now, time for the newbies to lead the field.

van gerwin.
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