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Let’s all go to the Beach Today!

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Lets all go to the beach today
The weather is really fine
Lets forget about social distancing
And the possibility of a fine!
Who cares about the people who died
From a disease we still have no control
As long as we get to enjoy the sun
And over the sand we roll.
Why worry if we contract
A virus which may never be cured
All we see is the sea and sand
And to the beauty we are lured.
Many have died, thousands in fact
But it may never happen to “me”
So I will continue to ignore the warnings
And swim around in the sea.
For the most responsible
I take off my hat
The measures are there for a reason
Just because its toasting outside
And it is the summer season.
For the millions who have passed away
All I can do is mourn for you
You will never feel the sun again
Or swim the seas of blue.
Tragic that people are still not taking advice and laying low, 
millions took to the beaches ignoring all warnings in the UK,
when temperatures soared to a massive 30 degrees,
tempting as it was to jump in the car and run to the beach,
many decided to adhere by the social distancing rules,
so I now wonder if we are ever going to see the end
of this tragic and heartbreaking virus.
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4 thoughts on “Let’s all go to the Beach Today!

  1. I guess people are only selfless for short periods of time. If you try hard enough not to believe the science, you can really have fun at others’ expense. We watch in horror what is happening South of our border in the U.S. and pray they keep our border closed. Build the wall. Build the wall. Stay well William. Allan

  2. Very true! I couldn’t believe the photos I saw the other day of everyone crammed together like that! Beyond belief is putting it mildly.

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