Living away from Home pt. 3.

Most times my mum would move in with my older brother, she stayed a lot there, once everything died down, my dad in remorse would have a discussion with her, she came home and all was well, at least for a couple of weeks or so.

The fear was always there, each weekend, especially when our dad went out, came back pissed, and raring for another fight, we lay in bed in fear and knew exactly what was going to happen next, all we seemed to do in those days was keep awake in utter fear as to what was going to happen, and most times our fears were realized.

In the late 60s or early seventies, I had a hip disease, which I can remember but the exact timing fails me. What I do remember is being bed ridden for at least a Year, and I lay in a bed in the front room, watching the World go by, watching my friends play outside, and wishing I was there, as I said back then there were no game consoles so it was mostly watching TV, I remember my mum and dad getting our first colour TV, it was amazing, before that we used a colour screen which went over the old black and white TV, to make it seem colour, but the real thing was amazing, my dad was sport mad, so most times it was on football, or golf, but we were able to watch all our daytime programs which included things like the banana splits, black beauty and other great programs of the era.

I remember the times when the long summer holidays were filled with getting lots of air as you were always out, the summers were a happy part of my life.

I enjoyed primary school, I remember we used to get bottles of milk, warm in the summer, and freezing in the winter, I was never a lover of milk, and to this day can only drink it in hot drinks or have it with cereals.

As I said before we lived right at the front of the school, our back windows faced on to the school, we shouted at the top of our voices for our “play piece” in Scottish meaning packed lunch, in those days we got jam on toast or something similar to munch at mid-morning break and free school dinners, because our parents were not working.

On a Sunday I often went to Sunday school, although not religious it was something to do on a Sunday. We did art and crafts mostly, I really liked going there.



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